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Yea, we’re “visual” people too… from logo design and web design, to full corporate image programs, our design team combines color, imagery, and content to showcase your brand. You have a unique idea, product, service, story. We’ll help you bring it to life.


Whether Personal or Corporate, your brand is your biography. It’s the way the world sees you, relates to you, and interacts with you and your business. The average consumer or business contact will give you about 30 seconds to impress them. Let’s use them well, shall we?


Fitting in is overrated. Square Peg builds brands and marketing strategies that stand out in the marketplace and tower over the competition. We are a creative bunch who are really good at bringing brands to market and converting consumers to clients. See what we can do for you.


Everyone loves affirmation, right? We’re no exception. We are only doing our jobs well when your business is growing. At Square Peg we build objectives and performance indicators into everything we do so you know that your time and money is well spent. This is how we roll.

The Un-Agency


Let's be need marketing & branding, but not full-time and not at agency prices.
That's where we come in.

What's the Big Idea?


You have the great idea, product, service, story.

We'll help you bring it to life and share it with the world.



Whether Personal or Corporate, your brand is your biography. It’s the way the world sees you, relates to you, and interacts with you and your business. The average consumer or business contact will give you about 30 seconds to leave your mark...

Square Peg Full service Marketing

We all know that in today’s marketplace a website is imperative. Without it, you simply don’t exist to most consumers. But having a website is only half the battle. Ensuring that your site conveys the right message, reaches the right audience, and then really engages them is essential to building a brand and growing business. Square Peg handles every aspect of web design and management, from beautiful and engaging designs to search engine optimization (SEO) and hosting.


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Image(ry) is everything! So, you had the great idea, you developed the concept, you even gave this great idea a name. Nice work! Now you need the perfect imagery to accompany the story. In fact, you need the imagery to help TELL the story. How does that happen? (Hint: it doesn’t stop at a good logo.)


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Now that you’re all branded up, it’s time to get the word out. Square Peg offers a wide-variety of marketing mechanisms to make sure your brand finds the right audience and engages them in such a way that they become long-term customers.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing and Sales Collateral
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing

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Personal Branding is embracing your inner square-peggishness, It’s allowing you – your story, your essence, your passion, your special skills and expertise – to stand out and rise above the rest.

Personal Branding ensures that your intended message – what makes you special – is being told and that your image is elevated and reputation preserved. Our branding team works very closely with clients to understand their ‘story’ and align online messaging and imagery to match their goals and objectives.


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The Square Peg branding team specializes in helping companies of all sizes – from start-ups to grown-ups – develop a powerful and effective brand strategy. We help to clearly define your purpose, understand your unique value proposition, and capitalize on your competitive advantage. We create a brand strategy that informs and engages your target audience, and fosters the kind of loyalty that sustains brands and businesses for generations.


When you shine, we shine.


The Square Peg Philosophy

You’ve heard the phrase, “It’s like trying to stick a square peg into a round hole”. Square Peg Marketing & Branding is different…on purpose. We want to stand out, not fit in. We follow that branding philosophy with our clients and we live it here as well.

We don’t go the way of the traditional marketing and branding agency. We meet you where you are, crafting ‘just right’ marketing solutions that achieve YOUR business goals on YOUR budget. Let’s be real…you need marketing, but not full-time and not at agency prices. That’s where we come in.




Never Fit In Square Peg Marketing